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Business Analyst

A Business Analyst serves as a liaison between business stakeholders and IT teams, focusing on understanding business processes, eliciting and documenting requirements, and proposing solutions. They analyze data, identify opportunities for process improvement, and create detailed documentation to guide project development.

Salesforce Analyst

A Salesforce Specialist is responsible for configuring and customizing the Salesforce platform to align with organizational needs, managing user access and data quality. They create and maintain reports and dashboards, provide user training and support, and collaborate with stakeholders to ensure optimal use of Salesforce for business processes.

Java Developer

A Java Developer is proficient in designing, coding, and testing high-performance applications using the Java programming language. They collaborate with cross-functional teams to analyze requirements, troubleshoot issues, and implement scalable solutions.

QA Analyst

A QA Analyst is responsible for ensuring the quality and functionality of software applications through systematic testing processes. They design and execute test plans, identify and report defects, and collaborate with development teams to resolve issues. QA Analysts also contribute to the improvement of testing strategies, automation frameworks, and overall software quality assurance processes.

Data Analyst

A Data Analyst specializes in collecting, processing, and analyzing large sets of data to derive actionable insights and inform business decision-making. They utilize statistical methods, data visualization tools, and programming languages to interpret complex data sets. Data Analysts collaborate with teams across the organization, providing valuable insights, identifying trends, and supporting data-driven strategies for improved business outcomes.


A Consultant provides expert advice and solutions to clients, leveraging their industry knowledge and specialized skills. They analyze business challenges, develop strategies, and recommend effective solutions to improve efficiency or address specific needs. Consultants collaborate closely with clients, offering insights, managing projects, and delivering tailored recommendations to drive organizational success.

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